"Better Late Than Never"

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Tha Corp
Tha Corp
/step into our temple/explore the hidden chambers/


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Tha Corp is a hip-hop duo consisting of two artists from New York, K-Mason (Harlem) and Frank White (The Bronx). They are dedicated in bringing back that sense of authenticity that’s lacking in today’s hip-hop scene, with lyrics depicting life experiences.

Currently they have adopted Sweden as their home, and have embraced some of the European musical influences in their music. Their aim is to captivate audiences through invigorating live performances and by creatively providing some of the best entertainment musically and visually on the scene.


Growing up in the Bronx, New York and Known to the world as the birthplace of hip-hop, it was where Frank realized he wanted to be a part of the movement and captivate audiences with live performances and thought provoking lyrics, under the alias Juice Carnage.

In 2010 Frank moved to Stockholm, Sweden to experience the Scandinavian hip-hop culture and expand his musical network in Europe. It was here where he met K-mason and decided to continue their musical journey together.


Born and raised in Harlem, New York. K-Mason has been heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture as far back as he can remember. In 1995, along with other up and coming emcees in the NYC circuit, they formed the group Immaculate Flavor. He eventually went solo.

Performing throughout the NYC metropolis, while collaborating with other artists in the underground scene including: Pos, Strong-hold, and Pyromaniacs, to name a few. While never putting down the Pen and Pad, he stepped away from the music scene for a few years and relocate to Stockholm, Sweden. Now he makes up the other half of Tha Corp.